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We are active members of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists and our involvement in this organization keeps us up-to-date with technical and regulatory issues that impact our industry. Our expertise is in chemistry and formula development and this makes us trusted advisors for our customers in skin and hair care and colour cosmetics.

Our commitment to trade shows and industry events around the globe permits us to stay abreast of the latest trends in personal care and to grow our product portfolio in a dynamic and evolving industry.

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Cambrian’s personal care portfolio includes a full complement of emulsifiers, solubilizers, emollients, humectants, preservatives, self-tanners, functional and aesthetic beads, pro-biotics, oleosomes, peptides and other actives. Our technical team can help achieve hydration, moisturization, soothing, regeneration, anti-aging, skin whitening, skin brightening, and sunscreen formulations. Customers benefit from our expertise in the science of daily protection, dry and oily skin, acne treatment and control. Our team can also support stem cell, in-vivo and in-vitro testing requirements.

For our partners in the hair care industry, we offer a wide range of raw materials, including polyquaternium (quats), cationic guar, sulfosuccinates, sarcosinates, glucosides, and zinc pyrithione. Our technical experts will provide a new approach to formulate for conditioning, thickening, detangling, colour hold, hair growth and scalp care.

Our range of waxes, pearlescent pigments, and mica are ideally suited for lipsticks, foundations, eye shadows, and all aesthetic colour cosmetics. Our supply partners’ innovation and technical support will help formulators be on the leading edge of product development. Ask us about recent advancements in silicones and polymers that promote spreading and long wear.

More and more consumers are including natural and organic products in their personal care choices. Cambrian’s product range includes many certified organic, paraben-free, and NPA-compliant products. Our butters, oils, waxes, natural thickeners and actives meet the criteria of the natural products market. Looking to replace petrolatum in your product? Contact us for new formulation options.
Cambrian actively seeks out Ecocert and NATRUE certified products to help our customers formulate in this growing area of the personal care industry. We have a range of surfactants, preservatives, APGs and actives that meet Ecocert and NATRUE requirements.
Our fragrance and flavour portfolio contains both natural and synthetic options that can be custom made for your product. Customers working in the all-natural market will find a full line of label-friendly natural aromatic extract blends. Our technical team can work with you to create the desired fragrance or flavour profile.
To meet the growing demand for botanical extracts, Cambrian’s portfolio contains over 500 extracts and blends. Available in oil or water soluble, powder or liquid, and standard or organic, this product line delivers high quality extracts and is always on trend with market advancements.
The global sun care market is rapidly expanding every year. Formulators are being challenged to improve and expand their product offerings to the market. Cambrian’s technical team can assist with all aspects of sun care product development, including SPF boosters, polymers for water resistance and daily wear actives for photoaging.

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