The website for our innovative ingredient Camlow™ just got a major makeover!

We are excited to debut a new website for the innovative umami booster and flavor enhancer, Camlow. Cambrian’s marketing team worked long and hard alongside the Camlow team to put together a website that clearly showcased the versatility and benefits of the ingredient. The site was created to inspire creativity and excitement, emphasizing the array of possible solutions and applications of this ingredient.

Camlow™ Website

What is it?

Camlow is a clean-label alternative to traditional flavor enhancers like MSG, I+G, and AYE. It can reduce sodium in a formulation by up to 50%, and it also works to enhance flavors such as vanilla extract, cocoa, and other fatty flavors, giving food a rounded out flavor profile. It can be used in a variety of savory, sweet, organic, and even vegan applications.

Does this ingredient sound like something you could use? Talk to an Account Manager or check out their website for more information!