Here at Cambrian, we acknowledge just how blessed we truly are to live in the beautiful and safe country of Canada. We have been proud to call this the home of Cambrian Solutions for the last 22 years and we’re sure we will continue to for many years to come. It has been 150 years since confederation, and we use this celebration to acknowledge the history and heritage of our country. 

We could probably list 150 things we love about Canada, but to save you the time, we decided to compress it down to 5. Here are the top five Canadian things that happen in the office that make us proud to be Canadian. 


When a fresh pot of Tim Horton’s coffee is piping hot and ready to wake everyone up in the morning.


When too many people crowd into the lunch room trying to make their lunches or snacks and all you can hear is “Sorry, Sorry, Sorry” as they try to move around each other.


As you probably know, hockey is kind of a big deal to us Canadians. That’s why we have a company ball hockey team AND a company ice hockey team… Does it get any more Canadian than that?


Every so often when someone manages to pull off plaid as business casual. That’s impressive and deserves to be celebrated.


Last of all, the best part of our day is after a long successful day surrounded by friends and doing work we love, we get to hop on the backs of our polar bears and ride them all the way home to our igloos.

Also just a reminder to all of our international partners that we will be closed on Monday July 3rd.

Happy Canada 150, eh?!