Canada Organic Week is the largest annual celebration of organic food, farming and products across the country. And why not celebrate it?

Not only does organic food taste great, but it’s also better for the environment.

Organic farming is a growing sector of the Canadian farming industry. There are lots of new farmers, fair prices, and a growing market for organics in Canada and globally. Organic food is highly regulated in Canada. Additionally, by working with nature, organic farmers avoid degrading soil quality. This creates farming practices that will be sustainable for generations to come. We at Cambrian know very well all the amazing products and possibilities that exist within the organic food industry and we love that Canada Organic Week is bringing attention to this.

Canada Organic Week brings a spotlight onto the amazing practices and products that exist within the Organic industry. The week consists of hundreds of individual events that showcase the benefits of organic farming and ways to get creative with organic food and organic farming. There were amazing events such as pickling workshops and recipe contests, to name a few. When you realize all of the possibilities that exist within the Organic sector, it’s easy to see the benefits. 

Join us in celebrating transparency, sustainability, and delicious, healthy food.

Happy Canada Organic Week, everyone.