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Drilling and Coil Tubing

Camslide AML – Universal Lubricant
Camsweep XT is a fast hydrating, high brine tolerant friction reducer and sweep agent for hydraulic fracturing, coiled tubing, and drilling applications.

Hydraulic Fracturing

Cambrian provides a wide range of custom formulated antiscalants for hydraulic fracturing applications. Our antiscalants focus on broad spectrum inhibition and the importance of iron control, for industry leading performance products.
With growing industry pressure to use recycle and formation water sources to offset the high consumption of fresh water in fracturing, Cambrian has developed ultra high brine foamers to maintain foam quality and foam rheology in standard and specialty foam fracturing systems.
Cambrex WF45-3 is high active cocobetaine foaming agent using a proprietary manufacturing process which enables higher foam qualities and foam half life performance versus standard cocobetaines of equal active content.
Maquat 1010N is a PMRA registered quat/glute blend suitable for high efficacy biocidal performance in a range of oilfield applications. Maquat 1010N is proven to perform well with anionic friction reducers and provides substantial efficacy advantages versus DBNPA, THPS, gluteraldehyde, and Dazomet chemistry.

Production / Disposal Wells