Specializing in drilling, coil tubing, completion,
production, and industrial cleaning applications.

    Drilling and Coiled Tubing

Standard additives and custom formulated Drilling Lubricants and Rheology Modifiers.

Camslide AML – Universal Drilling & CT Lubricant

Oxygen Scavenger


Specialty additives and formulations for Hydraulic Fracturing, Matrix Acidizing, and Coiled Tubing.

Acrylamide Free Friction Reducers

Encapsulated Breaker Technology
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Registered Biocides for Frac & Water Flood

High-Performing Hydrocarbon Foaming Agent

Organic Acid Corrosion Inhibitor

Organic Acid Antiscalant

Acid/Solvent Emulsifiers

Fresh Water & High Brine Foamers

    Production / Disposal Wells

Custom formulated products and a range of specialty ingredients for production enhancement.

Odor Neutralizers for Oilfield

Broad Spectrum Antiscalant and Corrosion Inhibitors with Iron Control
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Sulphate and Carbonate Scale Inhibitor with Iron Tolerance.
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    Heavy Industrial Cleaning

Custom formulations, specialty solvents, and surfactants.

Low Odor and High Flash Point Solvents with High Solvency Performance
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Modified LAE with Strong De-Oiling for High-Performance Degreasing

Eco-Friendly Replacement for NP9 Chemistry

Cationic Rinse Aid with De-Oiling and Coupling Properties

Specialty Coupling Agent for Non-Ionics

Hydrocarbon Viscosifying Agent for Vertical Surface Cleaning
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