“Before you finish eating breakfast in the morning, you’ve depended on more than half the world”– Martin Luther King 

As always, Martin Luther King’s words could not ring more true and they encourage us to really consider the impact that the rest of the world can have on the products we use day to day. It’s something that many of us often forget to think about. As a result, millions of people all around the world are not compensated fairly for their work and contributions to the creation of products. In the Western world we are often far removed from the process that goes into every day product, and as such, it is all too easy for us to turn a blind eye to those who are being treated unfairly. Fairtrade month aims to combat this and promote fairness, compensation, and community development.

Fairtrade month and World Fairtrade Day are the time of year where leaders, businesses, schools, and many others celebrate everything fair trade. When you choose products marked with the Fairtrade mark, you are choosing to support companies who work with farmers in the Global South so that their communities can grow and develop. This is a cause that we at Cambrian are thrilled to support.  

We are proud to supply these Fairtrade International certified bulk sweeteners: 

  • Organic Cane Sugar (Evaporated Cane Sugar) 
  • Organic Light Brown Sugar 
  • Organic Sucanat (Sugar Cane Natural) 
  • Organic Powdered Sugar (6x & 12x) 
  • Natural Demerara Sugar (Turbinado-Style) 
  • Organic Dark Brown Sugar  
  • Organic Invert Sugar 
  • Organic Molasses 
  • Organic Blue Agave 
  • Organic Extra Light Blue Agave 
  • Organic Raw Blue Agave 
  • Organic Honey 

And these Fairtrade International certified cocoa products: 

  • Cocoa butter 
  • Cocoa powder 10-12 or 22-24% Fat – Natural or alkalized 
  • Cocoa wafers 

Interested in using a Fairtrade ingredient in your product? Talk to your Cambrian Account Manager or get in contact with us on our contact page! For more information about Fairtrade Month, check out their website.