Flavor Enhanced Brownies Made with Camlow™

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Flavor Enhanced Brownies Made with Camlow™

What’s better than fresh-baked brownies? Brownies made with a clean-label flavor enhancer to help round off the flavor profile and make them rich and delicious!

We had some fun in our test kitchen whipping up a batch of brownies made with our innovative flavor enhancer, Camlow™. Jessie To, one of our Account Managers and ingredient experts (not to mention maker of mouth-watering treats for our office) took over our in-house test kitchen to showcase the compelling effects of Camlow™ BP in a traditional sweet bakery application.


How does Camlow™ work?

Processed baked goods typically have a large sugar spike at the beginning of the taste curve and a bitter or bland tail. Camlow™ BP acts as a cocoa enhancer, to round out the flavor profile, to give a clean and rich flavor.

With only 0.4% Camlow™ BP, you can achieve this flavor profile in a natural, label-friendly and easy way. Just watch our video to see for yourself!

For more information on Camlow™ and how it can work for your application, visit www.camlow.ca or contact our team.

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