On behalf of Cambrian, Vyan, our Regulatory and Quality Specialist, attended the 8th Annual Food Regulatory and Quality Summit earlier this month. As part of the two day event, he had the opportunity to learn and discuss the upcoming changes in regulations affecting the food industry.

Read what Vyan had to say about it below:

I had the exciting opportunity to represent Cambrian at the 8th Annual Food Regulatory and Quality Summit arranged by Strategy Institute, an independent organizer of knowledge sharing events. Overall, it was a well-organized program highlighted by experienced and insightful speakers. Many of the topics and presentations spurred interesting discussions with fellow regulatory professionals from the food industry. My main takeaway from the summit was the importance of upcoming regulatory changes to the food industry and how food producers, importers, and distributors will have to adjust to meet these new requirements.

Key speakers included government representatives from Health Canada, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Food and Drug Administration, along with various stakeholders from the industry. The government representatives provided insight behind some of the proposed regulatory changes; notably, the Safe Foods for Canadians Act, and new labeling regulations impacting consumer packaging. It was also a great opportunity for participants to ask questions and learn about opportunities to formally send in comments while these regulations are still being drafted. It is always a pleasure to have government representatives speak to the industry and provide their rationale behind some of the regulations they enforce. A better understanding of the regulations and thought process behind them goes a long way in nurturing the relationship between industry and government while promoting compliance to protect consumers.

Safe Food for Canadians

A large portion of the event was dedicated to the Safe Foods for Canadians Act and proposed regulations coming into force in the Spring of 2018. Information was presented to clarify some of the confusion regarding the new requirements. The panel discussions and Q&A sessions allowed industry participants to pose pertinent questions to both experienced industry stakeholders and government representatives. Topics discussed included: Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) system recognition, cross-border regulations with the FDA, consolidation of various food regulations, trace-ability requirements, and preventative control plans.

Meet and Greet

The summit also provides a setting in which regulatory professionals could develop relationships and share their knowledge. I had the opportunity to meet and chat with regulatory professionals in the food industry. Some of the individuals I met worked for customers of Cambrian. These conversations will guide Cambrian’s team in providing better regulatory support and documentation for the ingredients we offer.


Though the summit was targeted mainly towards producers, it provided a great opportunity to learn about the regulatory challenges that many of our food customers will face. Cambrian’s regulatory team works closely with our product divisions to provide regulatory support to our customers and this summit was gave great insight on how we can improve the services we offer. I would also like to thank the event organizers for hosting an information-packed session and the speakers for taking the time to share their knowledge and experience.