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For Suppliers

Provide flexible, tailored service to North American manufacturers without spending a fortune on sales, marketing, and logistics

Ingredient and chemical suppliers around the world are looking for opportunities to expand their North American reach and rely on local market knowledge to align their product with regional demands. Making an impact on new markets without feet on the ground can be extremely difficult.

This is where Cambrian can help.

Optimize your North American sales portfolio by partnering with a dedicated team of resident experts.

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Sales & Marketing

Cambrian is the strategic marketing partner for global chemical and ingredient manufacturers who seek to optimize their North American sales portfolio.

We work with our suppliers to develop a targeted sales strategy for our unique markets, fostering long-term exclusive relationships.

Our sales and marketing people combine business acumen and technical expertise to professionally and effectively represent our product portfolio. This approach allows our suppliers to achieve their sales objectives. We are proud of the relationships we have with our suppliers, and welcome you to contact us to see how, together, we can successfully grow in the North American market.

Warehousing & Logistics

We provide our suppliers with the logistical expertise required to distribute to all regions in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We pride ourselves on providing flexible and innovative supply solutions to meet our suppliers’ and customers’ needs for local inventory, just-in-time deliveries and specialized order requirements. Other services we provide include liquid storage, custom repackaging, private labeling, and toll blending.

Commitment to Responsible Distribution

Cambrian is an active member of Responsible Distribution Canada (RDC).

RDC administers the Responsible Distribution management system for the safe handling of chemicals for the chemical distribution industry in Canada. Cambrian’s operations have been certified by a third-party auditor to comply with the RDC Code of Practice.