Hello and welcome to the Cambrian website. Thank you for taking the time to see who we are and where we have come from.

As the founding President of Cambrian, I am extremely proud of how far we have come and grateful to all those who have made this journey possible. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of the staff, past and present, who have contributed to the success of Cambrian in their own way. Their efforts have made us who we are today and I continue to be humbled by them. I sincerely hope that we can continue to live up to their high standards. I felt the pressure for the first 24 years as I am sure my successors will for the next years!

The growth of a company such as Cambrian is based on the relationships between our suppliers, our customers, and ourselves. We recognize that without our suppliers and our customers we are nowhere. On behalf of all of the colleagues at Cambrian, past and present, thank you for your support and faith. At Cambrian, we take our obligations seriously and we assure you that we will never make a commitment to a supplier or a customer, that we know in advance, we cannot fulfill. We have tremendous pride in what we do and we are extremely proud of the company we keep. To us, you are our company.

Whether you are an existing or potential supplier or customer, we invite you to feel comfortable to contact the President, be it myself or my successor, directly with any questions or concerns. It will be the President’s pleasure to respond personally to any inquiry.

Personal Note of Thanks:

In the early days of any company, there are always turning points that will either make or break its success. In our case, the key factors for success were driven by the support and faith of key people. These people, and the companies for whom they worked, had faith in a small upstart company like Cambrian to properly represent their products.

I would like to personally thank …

Mr. Nir Gihon, Haifa Chemicals
Ms. Laurel Mandel, Gadot USA
Mr. Uli Miersch, Degussa Canada
Mr. Ed Sakayama, Acidchem USA
Ms. Bonnie Vicari, Hoechst Food Ingredients

I would also like to thank Mr. Russ Garrard of the National Bank of Canada for the faith that was shown to Cambrian at a very critical stage in the company’s development.

To John Lang – Thank you for your support in the early days. Relationships change for many reasons but your contribution to our efforts will always be appreciated.

To Brenda, Mike, Greg, Larry and all the rest – You have my utmost respect and thanks.

To Jennifer Mills – I would like to thank the young graduate who took a risk to become our very first salesperson back in October of 1996. Your contribution made a difference and will not be forgotten.

To Larry Kapitan – Our first employee to retire from Cambrian. Thanks Kap for solidifying Cambrian in the early days and for mentoring a young newcomer to sales and Southern Ontario back in 1980 and beyond. From K&K to Quadra and finally putting it all together at Cambrian – my love, friendship, and eternal respect.

Finally, friendship and kindness were epitomized in particular by my personal relationship with Mr. Neville Wood of APS Cotter Foods in Melbourne, Australia. Without Neville’s personal support and friendship, Cambrian would be a very different company and furthermore, I would personally be a different man. Neville passed away August 2nd, 2000 at far too young an age. He was a dear friend who will never be forgotten.

As we continue to grow, December 24th, 2015 will be a historic date in our calendar. We completed our very first acquisition, that being of N2 Ingredients. I would like to congratulate Bob Crane and Jill Baxter on building a great business over the previous 12 years. Thank you, Bob and Jill, for trusting us to continue with the same dedication and passion that allowed you to build N2 to the great company that it is today. We look forward to continuing our bright future together.

Effective Sept 23rd, 2019 Cambrian has proudly become a member of the Maroon Group of companies based out of Cleveland, Ohio and the path to a bright future has now been passed to a new group of hands. It is with absolute respect and confidence that I, as the founding President, along with my fellow shareholder in the origin of Cambrian, Brenda Jobling, and the partners who joined partway down the track, Mike Emrich and Greg McDonnell, pass the torch to this different set of hands with faith and confidence that the strengths and culture that has been so hard-fought to build over the last 24 years, will be maintained and will flourish.

I wish you all good health, happiness, and much success moving forward.


PETER JOBLING, Founding President