Halloween at Cambrian is a big deal, as you can probably tell from everyone’s incredible costumes. To celebrate, we had a potluck lunch for all of our staff and the tables were literally overflowing with food. From home-made dips, to mouth-watering pulled pork, and even some tasty hand-made macarons and cookies, the options were endless and certainly left everyone sufficiently full. Lucky for us, we get to enjoy round two today with the leftovers!

Besides the food, we all got a good laugh from the great costumes that were worn. From adorable to downright spooky, there was no shortage of creativity and enthusiasm when it came to attire. The office was buzzing with energy all day and there wasn’t a face to be found without a big smile on it… except for maybe the faces that were covered in spooky masks… but we’re pretty sure beneath the masks there were smiles!

Our costume contest was a great hit again. Congratulations to the following winners!

Best Costume:

Kim as the winner of the best costume in her wearable canoe, a fishing hat, and a plaid shirt.

Best Group Costume:

The Industrial Team at Cambrian with rollar blades on, rainbow tutus, brightly coloured wigs, and rainbow leg warmers and socks. Winners of the Best Group Costume

Scariest Costume:

Zombie Pregnant Kara with the winning Scary Costume in the Office


Thanks to everyone who helped make this Halloween a memorable one. We’re so lucky to work in an office with a good sense of humor and people that love to have fun.