It’s been a busy year so far in the Personal Care department here at Cambrian. In late April we attended the In-Cosmetics Global event in Amsterdam. As always it was thrilling to see what is going on in an industry that we are passionate about. Events like this give us the wonderful opportunity to meet up with suppliers and customers and to get some great insight into the trends in the industry. Since we are full to the brim with all the new knowledge and insight from the show and well on our way into 2018, we thought we would share the top trends we have seen so far this year in the Personal Care industry.

  1. Au Natural

    We have noticed this trend across the board, whether it be in food, industrial, nutraceuticals, and yes, even personal care. Consumers are becoming tired of unpronounceable chemical ingredients, animal testing, and adverse environmental and possible health implications associated with many artificial ingredients. They want products that are made from ingredients that they understand. They are speaking out against animal testing and are trying to lessen their environmental footprint. Products that don’t meet these expectations are soon to fall out of favour with consumers. Natural aromatic extracts are unique in that they are physically extracted from a single plant genus or species but can be blended to create complex and distinctive scents. Consumers are looking for ingredients like this in their products. They want the same great smells that they love, without the artificial ingredients or fragrances. These aromatic extracts allow for companies to claim ‘’fragrance-free’’ in their products because they are all plant extract components.

  2. One of a kind

    Consumers are embracing and celebrating their differences and as a result, the “one product/colour/scent/etc. fits all” does not cut it anymore. Consumers want beauty that they feel is made just for them. Customization is huge for today’s consumer, whether that be custom shades of foundation or lipstick, or base products that they can add their own ingredients to fit their specific desires (scents, skin type, hair type, etc.). Each person is uniquely beautiful, and brands that recognize and celebrate this will, in turn, be celebrated.


  3. Try to keep up!

    Consumers are taking a more holistic approach to beauty than in the past. Active lifestyles and overall balance and wellness have consumers feeling good from the inside out. With this comes a demand for cosmetics and personal care items that can keep up with an active lifestyle. Consumers want products that keep them looking their best while they are being active, that can help them feel fresh and clean during and after the gym, and/or that can help them address issues that might be caused from physical activity (oil and sweat, greasy hair, body odour, etc.)
    girl in workout clothes on the go

  4. Boys just want to have fun, too!

    We are seeing men enter the personal care conversation more these days. As a result, male personal care is a rapidly growing sector. Male personal care is becoming less taboo, and more and more, men are realizing it is something that they can benefit from and enjoy. Whether that is in the form of facial hair care, hair styling, or even forms of male cosmetics. One trend that has blown up over the past couple of years has been facial hair. Beards and close-trimmed facial hair have come back into style in a big way. However, some men struggle with an inability to grow thick facial hair and want products to help with this. Consider ingredients such as Follicusan DP and Redensyl that help promote a fuller and thicker beard.

  5. Light and Pollution protection

    UV protection and pollution protection continue to be in high demand. Concern has also increased over the blue light radiating from our phones and its possible impact on our skin. Some studies suggest that excessive screen time and exposure to blue light can create free radicals which can damage the skins DNA and cause premature aging. Many products are looking to combat this with antioxidant-rich moisturizers that help repair DNA and neutralize free radicals.  Consider ingredients such as Et-VC (an extremely stable Vitamin C derivative closely mimicking true Vitamin C) to quench free radicals and sooth skin from the attacks of urban dust, Neurophroline to freshen up your pollution-dulled skin, and Biochemica Turmeric Butter to spice up your skin protection!

  6. Moisture is KEY

    Dewy, glowy, plump, healthy. Call it what you want, the skin looks best when it is well hydrated, and consumers are craving products that can give them this. One key ingredient that helps with this is hyaluronic acid. This is by no means a new ingredient in the world of personal care. It is a well known, highly effective moisturizing ingredient. Vegan Hyaluronic Acid is a great option when it comes to moisturizing ingredients that meet consumer desires for natural, plant-based products (see trend #1) while also providing plump, hydrated skin. Vegan Hyaluronic Acid is sourced from fermented grass yeast and comes at a variety of molecular weights to allow it to properly penetrate the surface of the skin. Check out Cristalhyal from Givaudan for these vegan-friendly options!

  7. It’s all about the experience

    It’s often noted that millennials want an experience, not just a product. We are noticing this trend holds true in the personal care industry. Skincare is becoming a part of self-care and is not simply a chore. Consumers are looking for luxurious products that are effective AND fun to use. Unique application methods, adding decorative art to sheet masks, and products with unique textures are great examples that prove that it’s all about the experience. Face masks and hair masks with ingredients such as glacial oceanic clay or bentonite offer the “spa” like feeling while you relax and wait for the mask to dry or soak in, and offer amazing, visible results. 

  8. I want it all!

    Multi-use, portable products are growing in popularity as consumers look for personal care products that can keep up with their busy lives. Whether that be moisturizers that have tint and SPF built right in or hair products that add shine, reduce frizz, and help with styling. People don’t want the hassle of applying product after product. They want one great product that gives them everything they need in short simple steps.

  9. Age is just a number!

    With the booming trends of  #grannyhair and body confidence, many women are no longer feeling ashamed of aging. Instead of hiding, they are finding ways to enhance the features they love most about themselves, and age gracefully rather than attempt to prevent aging altogether. Moisturizers can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, without hiding them away. Multimoist CLR is a brand new ingredient that will keep your skin well hydrated. 

  10. Be-YOU-tiful!

    As consumers feel more confident about their natural features they are looking for products that don’t hide their uniqueness, but rather compliment it. Ingredients that enhancing natural hair texture and light coverage foundations are great examples of this. Sea Salt sprays with our glacial mineral water (INCI: sea silt extract) will help enhance natural curls and waves while providing minerals and nutrients to the hair. Coconut oils and argan oils can be used to define curls and add moisture to textured hair. Bicolor and color-correcting Unispheres can be incorporated into creams or serums to deliver a light coverage to the skin, providing an even skin tone without hiding freckles and other markings that make us unique.

    girl with freckles

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