Today’s consumer is more health conscious than ever and as a result the push for clean ingredients in the food we eat is a necessary change felt by many. Most notable at the moment is the need for limitations to the amount of artificial trans fats added to the food we consume. These fats can primarily be found in partially hydrogenated oils (PHO) which are added to improve shelf life and add taste and texture to many products on our shelves. The pressures from the public and Health Canada to reduce the levels of artificial trans fats have helped initiate some positive change in the food industry however enforcement through implementation of regulations is still an ongoing challenge.

Recognizing the harmful effects PHO’s have on public health, the US FDA has taken action and announced a three year timeline for food makers to eliminate this ingredient from their products. Although the Canadian government hasn’t yet made an announcement, it’ll only be a matter of time before Canada follows suit and enforces similar regulations.

How can we help?

Cambrian proudly offers PHO free and non-GMO food emulsifiers from Oleon’s Radiamuls line of products. As the food industry evolves to reduce and eliminate these harmful ingredients, Cambrian is here to help you find a clean-label solution.

Contact our Food group to learn more about how we can help you reduce artificial trans fats in your formulation by offering a PHO free alternative.

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