A match made in plant-based heaven!

Pea Protein

By now you’ve probably heard about the powers of 2019’s hot ingredient- Pea Protein, it’s simply popping up everything on the shelves.  This amazing plant-based protein has not only cool functional attributes but also impressive nutritional values, which make it a “well-balanced protein.”, having an amino acid score of 0.94.  For a complete protein source, (AAS 1.0 >), adding another plant protein to balance the amino acids is required.

Hemp Protein

Another popular ingredient that is loaded with great plant-based proteins is hemp seed protein. With the recent legalization of cannabis in Canada, the stigma that once surrounded hemp ingredients is quickly dissipating to reveal its nutritional benefits to those who were hesitant of hemp products in the past, (for more information clearing up some of the confusion around hemp, check out this article). Hemp protein is a great source of protein, having all 9 essential amino acids, but despite this, like pea protein, it is also not considered a complete protein on its own. While being high in Methionine and Cystine, it is low in Histidine and Lysine.

In Partnership

The amino acid profiles of pea protein and hemp protein complement one another quite harmoniously, making them a fantastic combination for blending to create a COMPLETE plant-based protein.  The power of these two highly nutritious and trendy ingredients can take plant-based meals to the next level, helping to meet the vegan/vegetarian/flexitarian demands of many modern-day consumers.


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