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We carry a full line of products for the meat, bakery, confectionery, dairy, spice house, dry blending, and beverage industries.

At Cambrian we understand that the food industry is constantly evolving. In order to continue to be a leader in the products we represent, we strive to source innovative ingredients from around the globe. Our customers want label-friendly, functional, and cost-effective ingredients. With this in mind, we now represent a line of natural, label-friendly salt reduction and MSG replacement technologies. We also offer a full line of phosphates, preservatives, natural colours and flavours as well as plant-derived proteins for all of the industries we serve.

Cambrian retains the highest standards for the quality and traceability of our products. We employ a team of food scientists, regulatory specialists, and logistics experts to offer our customers a comprehensive base of knowledge from both a technical and regulatory standpoint. Our regulatory specialists liaise with government agencies to ensure that the ingredients we sell to our customers meet federal import laws and the labeling regulations of CFIA and Health Canada.

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Natural Sodium Reduction
Natural Preservatives
Cambrian carries a complete line of phosphates, lactates and diacetate blends (for Listeria and microbial control), and soy protein concentrates and isolates for the meat industry. We also have products that can aid with sodium reduction and water retention in meat and poultry applications. Visit our Camlow™ site for information on clean label alternatives to traditional flavour enhancers.

Textured pea protein is a quickly growing alternative to soy protein. Contact us to replace your current TVP with a gluten-free and allergen-free protein.

For our partners in the spice and dry blending industries we present a full range of powdered ingredients including preservatives, vegetable proteins, sodium reducers, flavours, natural flavour enhancers and MSG/I+G. Cambrian prides itself on its partnership with these industries and is constantly sourcing new, innovative products from around the globe.

Textured pea protein is an allergen-free alternative to soy protein. Ask us how to create a great tasting gluten-free breading with pea protein!

We offer a variety of ingredients for the baking industry including preservatives such as propionates, sorbic acid and potassium sorbate. Cambrian also carries a range of cold-soluble gelatins, dough conditioners such as L-cysteine and ascorbic acid, proteins, flavours, and natural colours. Visit our Camlow™ site for information on natural sodium reduction in baked goods.

Contact our team today about the newest additions to our portfolio for bakery including clean-label preservatives, chicory root extract, coconut milk powder, sunflower lecithin and red palm oil. Looking for an allergen-free and gluten-free protein source for nutritional bars? Pea protein is the ideal clean label solution!

Cambrian offers a full complement of acidulants such as citric acid and ascorbic acid, preservatives, citrates and natural colours for a variety of beverage applications. We offer a line of low-taste and variable viscosity soy isolates, rice proteins, carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), natural sweeteners and artificial sweeteners.

Our newest beverage ingredients include coconut milk powder for an authentic coconut taste and natural alternative to synthetic coconut flavours.

Cambrian has always been a dominant player in the confectionery industry with natural colours, flavours, vegetable grade stearates, acidulants, waxes, and gelatin. Our line of cold-soluble gelatins is ideal for confectionery applications.

What’s new in our portfolio for confectionery? Contact our team today to learn more about chicory root extract, coconut milk powder and sunflower lecithin.

Cambrian offers natural colours, cellulose powder, phosphates, vitamins A and D, along with both natural and high intensity sweeteners. We also represent a full line of flavours and preservatives.

Contact our team today about the newest additions to our portfolio for dairy including chicory root extract, coconut milk powder, sunflower lecithin and red palm oil.

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