Project Description

Our comprehensive portfolio of products allows us to support our customers during all stages of formulation development. Our dedicated sales team can provide technical expertise specific to the Canadian pharmaceutical and natural health markets.

As the focus on regulatory requirements in Canada intensifies, and changes to these requirements increase in number, Cambrian has made it a priority to support the growing needs of Canada’s regulated industries.  Cambrian has obtained a drug establishment license to comply with Health Canada’s regulations for the proper import and sale of active ingredients.  Our team is also well versed in the regulatory requirements for natural health products, offering direction and support to our supply partners and customers in this complex area.

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             Healthy Aging           

A unique joint care ingredient targeting tendon health.  Proprietary complex offering clinically proven results for tendon health and recovery.


Pure eggshell membrane – the lowest effective dose available on the market.  Clinical studies with results showing a reduction in joint pain and stiffness (human and pet) and improved skin appearance.


Clean-label, rice-based ingredients for tablet and capsule dosage forms to replace traditional excipients such as magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide.  Interested in learning more about the Ribus® Certified Contract Manufacturer Program – contact us.

Authentic saffron extract – the natural alternative to improve mood.  affron® has been clinically proven to increase mood, reduce anxiety and manage stress without side effects, offering a natural alternative to standard treatments.

Mobilee® is a natural ingredient with a high content of hyaluronic acid and other components such as collagen and polysaccharides to provide joint lubrication and help support overall joint health.

A next-generation collagen – b-2Cool® is a natural ingredient supplying native type II collagen to protect the collagen that is already present in joints.

Lithothamnion, a natural source of algae-derived calcium and magnesium.  Litholife offers a vegetal source of calcium with higher absorption than mineral or animal-origin calcium.  Can be used in formulations where vegan or non-GMO ingredients are required.


Deep ocean minerals concentrated from deep ocean water. D-MINNERALZ® contains more than 70 kinds of minerals and trace elements and has been clinically tested for its ability to accelerate recovery from physical fatigue.

Studies have shown HU58™ to have superior sporulation and germination efficiency and efficacy. This probiotic spore is stable at room temperature and is highly resistant to high temperatures, pH extremes, desiccation and antibiotics.  Also available in a finished liquid form that is stable at room temperature.

A natural soluble fiber providing a minimum of 90% fiber without the discomfort and side effects of other common fibers.  Ideal for use in dietary products.


A wide variety of proteins available for your formulation needs including rice, soy, pea and salmon.


Offering a wide variety of fiber sources such as inulin (chicory and agave), acacia, pea, citrus, cellulose, potato, oat, and sugar beet.


Cambrian offers a broad portfolio of organic plant-based extracts and powders for your formulation needs.

An extensive offering of hydrocolloids to help provide formulation solutions.

Acetaminophen (Paracetamol), Acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin), Methyl salicylate and Salicylic acid

For the natural health products industry, we offer Beta-Carotene (provitamin A), Zeaxanthin, Canthaxanthin, Lutein and Lycopene.

All the benefits you expect from caffeine, in a natural form. Obtained 100% from selected vegetable sources and tested to grant a high level of quality standards (USP and EP) making natural caffeine perfect for use in nutraceutical, food and personal care applications.

MCT provides a rapidly available energy source that is not stored in the body as fat.  It also promotes the uptake of protein and various minerals and does not raise blood lipid and cholesterol levels, making MCT a great addition to sports nutrition products.

Specialty sugars complying with pharmaceutical monographs (USP, EP, JP) sourced from non-GMO raw materials.  A variety of compression and tightly controlled particle distribution grades available.

Yestimun® β-glucan is a natural and effective immunity supporting ingredient made from brewers’ yeast with clinical results showing a significant reduction in common cold infections during winter.  Yestimun® offers many formulation opportunities as it is suitable for vegetarian or vegan products.  Yestimun® has received Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status by the US FDA and Novel Food status in the EU.

MenaquinGold® contains natural Vitamin K2 in the highly bioavailable form of Vitamin K2-7 (menaquinone-7, MK-7).  In addition to standard grades, it is also available in an extended stability form, MenaquinGold® ES, to prevent the common occurrence of degradation in finished formulations.