Project Description

Our products are sourced globally to ensure that our products meet our customers’ demand for value. Cambrian’s network of logistics and warehousing services offer convenient and reliable supply.

We offer our customers regulatory guidance through Health Canada approvals (DIN, PNP) and PMRA registrations (PCP) to take full advantage of the market opportunities these certifications provide. Our services include custom repacking, bulk breaking, local warehousing, private labeling, and toll blending which allows us to offer unique product solutions. In conjunction with our supply partners we can provide assistance with formula development, problem solving and product line extension.

Our strengths are in our sourcing capabilities and our supplier relationships. This allows us to access key products including bio-based surfactants, quat-based disinfectant formulations and Dequest® antiscalants. We help our customers formulate products for 21st century challenges and balance performance with environmental concerns.

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We offer a range of raw materials for both laundry and dish detergent formulations including bleaching agents, antiredisposition agents, scale inhibitors, bleach stabilizers, builders, surfactants (including sulphonic acid), optical brighteners, fabric softeners, foam builders, foam stabilizers, Dequest® phosphonates (including Dequest® PB bio-based dispersant), alkyl polyglucoside, linear alcohol ethoxylates, and acrylic dispersants.

For hard surface cleaning we carry wetting agents, bio-based surfactants, a broad range of EPA/DIN registered quat disinfectant formulations, block copolymers, cocobetaine, amine oxides, sulphonic acid, rheology modifiers (including xanthan gum, carbomers and cellulosic thickeners), phosphates, silicates, Dequest® antiscalants, phosphoric acid and many others.

Cambrian supplies materials for automotive cleaners and truck wash formulations with a variety of surfactants that aid in rinsability, foam stability, foaming (amine oxide), degreasing, sulphonic acid (DDBSA), cationic surfactants, and materials providing antistatic properties.

Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants & Elastomers (CASE)

Cambrian is committed to servicing the North American market with a broad portfolio of competitively priced products. In addition to offering several PCP registered sanitizers, Cambrian also has expertise in registering new sources of supply with the Canadian PMRA. We have successfully registered TCCA tabs (15g, 20g, 50g, 200g, 250g), bromine (BCDMH), DICD 56%/60%, calcium hypochlorite 65%/70%. We offer custom tablet options and a range of package types and sizes.

We also carry an extensive line of PMRA/EPA registered quat-based algaecides as well as potassium monopersulphate, sodium bisulphate and chlorine stable phosphonates.

Cambrian offers raw materials to water treatment applications including defoamers, antiscalants (Dequest® phosphonates and bio-based dispersant and antiscalant Dequest® PB). We carry a line of flocculants and coagulants with a range of molecular weights to suit a variety of conditions. Other products include polyacrylates, polyamines, registered biocides (bromine, Maquat®), cationic polymers, and a complete line of waste water treatment polymers.
We serve the chemical manufacturing market with a variety intermediates such as phosphorous derivatives, PEG and PEG esters, surfactants and persulphates, additives and stabilizers as well as organic and inorganic salts.