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As one of the few distributors in this field, Cambrian prides itself on the high level of technical knowledge gained through strong supplier partnerships.

Cambrian realizes the cost-performance needs of our customers, particularly in today’s stressed paper market. We are also focused on supporting green chemistry initiatives and offer recycled paper additives and alternatives to chlorine-based chemistry. We provide new chemistry solutions, application knowledge, and are deeply involved in product development with our customers.

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Cambrian’s variety of wet end additives include guar, cold water soluble starches, high performance saturating aids, bulk enhancers, and fast-hydrating CMCs for pulper addition.
For surface treatment applications, we provide a range of polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) for print enhancement, ink hold out, heat seal, abrasion resistance and other applications. In addition, we carry a range of guars, wetting agents and specialty flame retardants.
Cambrian is the market leader in specialty wet strength broke repulping, specifically non-chlorine based chemistry.  Our chemistry is customized for each specific customer to ensure cost and performance optimization is achieved.  Cambrian offers onsite trial assessments with experienced personnel. Contact us for more information.

Cambrian Repulping Chemistry Product Line:

  • Break UP Na
  • Break UP KMPS
  • Break UP CLT
  • Break UP K

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