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The combination of our application expertise and our supply partners’ technical resources provide a comprehensive approach to product development.  We offer specialty additives and finished products for hydraulic fracturing, matrix acidizing, cementing, production enhancement, disposal well, coiled tubing, and drilling applications. In addition to our specialty products, we offer a wide range of commodity additives.

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Cambrian specializes in stimulation additives and offers specialty formulated and single component ingredients in addition to commodities for hydraulic fracturing and matrix acidizing systems.

Our production enhancement additives include commodity ingredients to custom formulated products specific to client requirements.

Cambrian specializes in custom formulated drilling lubricants and rheology modifiers, in addition to a range of standard additives.

Custom formulations, specialty solvents, and surfactants.

Cambrian’s Client Solutions Laboratory offers custom formulating for oilfield application challenges faced by our partnered customers.

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Custom Formulated Oilfield Products

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