Cambrian is a proud sponsor of the You be the Chemist™ program and participated in this year’s fundraising golf tournament at Lionhead Golf & Country Club.  Our Operations team of Rachel Ford, Catherine Rooke, Drew Burgess and Heather Buchmann spent a beautiful day on the course with industry colleagues, customers and suppliers in support of this great CACD program.

You Be The Chemist® Canada is an online, bilingual, and curriculum mapped resource, offered complimentary to elementary educators across the country.  The program was created to promote the positive use of chemistry, engage the youth of today and encourage younger generations to consider a future in the chemical industry.

We are proud to support the CACD and the YBTC committee as they pursue these objectives:

  • Inspire the youth of today to pursue a future in the science of chemistry and highlight the exciting job and career opportunities that exist within it.
  • Enhance science education through innovative techniques (hands-on activities) and,
  • Promote acceptance of long-term change in the general public’s understanding and general acceptance towards chemistry and the chemical industry.

Click here for more information about the You be the Chemist™ program and the Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors.