The holidays should be a time to reflect, rejoice and reconnect with loved ones. Sadly, for so many, this is a far cry from reality. While we prepare our holiday meals in the comforts of our home, others pray they will make it to their next meal. Our hearts break for the war-torn Syrian families near and far that are suffering through this tragedy. No civilian should face this terror or find themselves trapped in destruction. No child should have to experience devastation, fear and violence like those in Aleppo.

At Cambrian, we feel so incredibly fortunate that we live where we do. In an effort to help these families at this desperate time our team has donated to War Child, an organization that works tirelessly to support, assist and bring awareness to children in war-affected communities. We feel it is all of our responsibilities to act where possible in this time of need. If you wish to do the same or would like to learn more about War Child, please click here.

For more ways that you can get involved and a list of other organizations that are asking for your support, check out the following article:

To everyone, we wish you a happy and safe holiday season and heartfelt wishes for 2017.