As the weather in Canada gets colder and we begin to find ourselves humming along with Christmas carols subconsciously, we at Cambrian remember that not everyone is lucky to live in a safe country, free from war and violence. Sadly, far too many are not so fortunate. 250 million children are currently living in war-affected countries worldwide and there are 65 million people currently displaced by war. These statistics are absolutely sickening. War is terrifying and has devastating impact on communities and individuals, particularly women, children and youth.  In 2013, 28.5 million children living in conflict areas were out of school. Thankfully, incredible organizations such as War Child Canada are making an impact on some of these lives.

War Child Canada’s vision is for a world where no child knows war.

War Child works to build sustainable peace in conflict-affected countries through a multidimensional approach that focuses on education, opportunity, and justice. Their programming is rooted in the belief that to recover from conflict, peace cannot be externally imposed upon a community. Instead, they choose to take a grassroots approach to aid. As a result, 95% of their staff are local to the countries that they work in. This local approach allows them to better understand community needs and to respond with programs that are effective and sustainable. Through these programs, War Child reached 510,000 people in conflict-affected countries in the Middle East and Central Africa in 2016.

Cambrian proudly supports War Child Canada and we encourage others to consider the gift of a donation as we near the holiday season. Check out War Child’s website to learn more about what they do.